Reading Comprehension Apps 

e Skills Minimod™ Reading for Details
Practice the 5W's of Reading Comprehension.

e Skills Minimod™ Reading for Inferences
Look for Implied but Unstated Information

e Skills Minimod™ Vocabulary Builder
Build, Master, and Practice Vocbulary 

e Skills MinimodTM Context Clues
Basic Cloze Practice

e Skills MinimodTM Context Clues
Advanced Cloze Practice 

e Skills Minimod™ Vocabulary Expander
Build, Master, and Practice Vocbulary
e Skills MinimodTM Context Clues
Cloze Practice in the Content Area

e Skills MinimodTM Context Clues
Cloze Practice in the Content Area
Social Studies 

e Skills MinimodTM Fact or Opinion
Learning to distinguish between factual information and the writer's opinion

e Skills MinimodTM
Figurative Language
Idioms, Metaphors, Alliteration, Hyperbole, Onomatopoeia and More

e Skills MinimodTM
Persuasive Strategies
Bandwagon, Repetition,Stereotyping, 
Celebrity Endorsement and More

iRead iTest
Ranching and Reading
Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary 
Test Taking Practice 

e Skills MinimodTM
Drawing Conclusions
Combine Information to Infer an Answer from the Text

e Skills MinimodTM
Cause and Effect
Determine Cause and Effect Relationships

Language Arts Apps

e Skills Minimod™ Homophones
Practice with Words that Sound Alike but Spell Differently and Have Different Meanings

e Skills Minimod™ Analogies
Practice with Word Comparisons

e Skills Minimod™ Word Structure
Prefixes, Suffixes and Root Words 

e Skills Minimod™ Nouns
Recognizing and Differentiating Types of Nouns

e Skills Minimod™ Verbs
Recognizing Types of Verbs and Past/Present Tense Verb Conjugation 

e Skills Minimod™ Parts of Speech Recognizing Parts of Speech and Using Correctly in Sentences
e Skills Minimod™ Compound Words Recognizing and Forming Compound Words
e Skills Minimod™ Singular and Plurals Recognizing and Forming Singular and Plural Words

Math Apps 

e Skills Minimod™ Fractions
Learn fractions with tutorials and a fun competitive game.

e Skills Minimod™ Decimals
Practice decimals with tutorials and a fun competitive game format.

 Career Readiness and Preparation App

e Skills Minimod™ Food Terminology
Practice word recognition and vocabulary skills in food terminology, safety and sanitation for culinary preparedness.

Interactive Whiteboard Software


English Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 17 interactive charts and
570 quiz questions.


Math Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 45 interactive charts and 
675 quiz questions.


Science Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 57 interactive charts and 
1,140 quiz questions.
Music Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 30 interactive charts and 
450 quiz questions.
Information Technology Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 20 interactive charts and 
400 quiz questions.
Business Studies Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 17 interactive charts and 
255 quiz questions.

STEM Interactive Whiteboard Charts
Includes 122 interactive charts and 
2,215 quiz questions.

Full Suite Interactive
Whiteboard Charts
Includes 186 interactive charts and 
5,705 quiz questions.

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Algebra Video Apps


TI-Nspire Mini-Tutorials Algebra 1, Semester 1

TI-Nspire Mini-Tutorials Algebra 1, Semester 2


Response to Intervention (RtI)
A Hands-On Program for Early Reading Intervention

Thorough Interventions Ensure Reading Success



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