About Our Company

e Skills Learning was founded to develop and publish instructional materials using the latest in mobile technology that will challenge and motivate students. With over 30 years of experience in traditional educational publishing, the staff at e Skills Learning™ have an experienced understanding of carefully developing materials that align with the new Common Core Standards, meet state testing standards, correlate with core curriculum and achieve successful learner outcomes.

Mastering Essential Skills is the foundation for success in learning. Essential (basic) skills are necessary if students are to apply classroom learning to real-world solutions. e Skills Learning materials allow learning equity among students as classroom curriculum rev up rigor and relevance. Students will participate in application and synthesis of skills even while developing those skills to levels of automaticity.

e Skills Learning apps for the iPod Touch provide practice in specific Essential Skills using both tutorial and competitive game formats. Unlike other materials on the market, each of our Minimods™ is designed to help students learn and practice a specific academic skill allowing for mastery of that skill as a foundation for understanding the next sequential skill.

About Our Products

Each e Skills Learning Minimod™ focuses on a specific Essential Skill helping students master that skill as a foundation for the next skill. The iPod Touch version allows students to practice in a tutorial mode or competitive game mode. Each Minimod™ contains 4 levels of practice from easy to more difficult. In the case of Math Minimod™ the level of difficulty progresses from the concrete to the abstract.

In addition to the iPod Touch Minimod™ additional supplemental materials are available to help students transition from the digital environment to offline materials. Each module also contains supplemental materials with Real World practice. The variety materials was designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of learners and learning styles and to provide for differentiation in skill development as students learn while they play.


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